AFB Educational Programs

We believe it is AFB’s responsibility to bring in a new, younger generation to appreciate our historically-based museum in France.






AFB Fellowship

Plans are underway for a new Fellowship program to send young American artists or historians to work in Landscape architecture and Art at Blérancourt.

Details to follow.

University of Sussex, England

University of Sussex, England

Franco-English Partnership with the University of Sussex

This new collaboration was set up in 2015 between the museum of Blérancourt and the University of Sussex, England around the theme “Paris As An American City”. A group of researchers composed of American, French and UK collaborators will form a research network to explore why Paris drew Americans across the literary, arts, business and political spheres in the 20th century.

Outputs will include poetry readings, seminars, lectures and contributions to further exhibitions at Blérancourt. They plan to attract students, who will be able to study the museum’s collections and archives, as well as the life of various Franco-Americans in Paris during the 20th century: Gertrude Stein, Josephine Baker, etc. not to mention Anne Morgan, Edith Wharton, Elsie de Wolfe and others.