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AFB 's next trip will be a special one: an insider's trip to Cuba from March 8-14th, 2016, before Cuba fully opens to mass tourism. The lucky travelers will be visiting historic mansions, the famous Tropicana Club, artists' private studios, world-famous cigar shops, several renowned national museums, dance companies, the Xanadu Mansion, an architectural tour of Old Havana and much more.

Cuba is unique among Caribbean islands with a rich culture built by generations of European, African and revolutionary influences. didi d' Anglejan, the trip organizer, says that from the moment visitors step off the plane in Havana, they hear Cuban music with its infectious rhythms and can't help themselves from swaying to it.

There are a few remaining places. If you are interested, please let us know right away so we can submit the required documents for a visa and reserve a hotel room for you in time.