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University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and the Alliance Française de Milwaukee


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
and the Alliance Française de Milwaukee

"Anne Morgan’s War:
 American Women Rebuilding France 1917-1924"

The Golda Meir Library
February 16 – May 18, 2018

An exhibition featuring remarkable photos and film footage depicting France’s devastated Picardy post-WWI and the American women volunteers who helped rebuild the region, will be on display in the UWM Golda Meir Library’s Fourth Floor Exhibition Gallery from February 16 to May 18, 2018.

“Anne Morgan’s War: American Women Rebuilding France 1917-1924” is sponsored by the American Friends of Blérancourt; Alliance Français de Milwaukee; UWM Dept. of French, Italian, and Comparative Literature; UWM Libraries; Florence Gould Foundation; French Ministry of Culture and Communication; RMN l’agence photographique; UWM Dept. of History; and UWM Women’s and Gender Studies.

Anne Morgan, daughter of the financier J.P. Morgan, was a philanthropist who provided aid in France after WWI and WWII and supported working women in the US and in Europe in the fight for fair labor standards.

The exhibit is comprised of 29 photographs and an 18-minute compilation of black-and-white film footage commissioned by Anne Morgan for fundraising purposes and now held in the archives of the Franco-American Museum, Château de Blérancourt in Picardy.

A discussion with Elaine Leary and Miles Morgan

FILM PREMIERE: April 24, 2018
Premier of the documentary film “Anne Morgan’s War”/L’autre chemin des Dames
With Elaine Leary and Miles Morgan

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